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Nissan CAN Gateway Flex Fuel Kit GT-R 2008-2018


The CAN Flex Fuel Kit offers a seamless plug-and-play solution for converting your supported R35 GT-R to be Flex Fuel capable without taking over factory installed sensors.

A vehicle-specific mounting bracket secures the Ethanol Content Sensor. An SAE 30R9 E85-compatible hose with a right-angle 5/16″ SAE quick disconnect fitting makes adapting to the OEM return line a snap. The high-pressure line between the sensor and OEM fuel rails uses -6AN crimp fittings and stainless-jacketed PTFE-lined hose for maximum durability and longevity.

The harness uses an OEM grade connector at the ethanol content sensor and a M12 industrial connector at the CAN Gateway and is protected by high-temp rated PUR jackets and anti-chafe sleeving.

Requires COBB CAN Gateway + Harness and Braket Kit for install.

Convert your Nissan GT-R to be Flex Fuel capable without having to take over factory installed sensors.

In the past, adding Flex Fuel capabilities to your Accessport-supported GT-R required highjacking of one of the car’s factory 0-5v sensors. The COBB CAN Gateway allows users to inject aftermarket sensor data to the car’s ECU without taking over existing inputs.

The COBB CAN Flex Fuel Kit takes advantage of a digital signal instead of the traditional 0-5v analog input. This provides more accurate and trustworthy data to the ECU.

Nissan CAN Gateway Flex Fuel Kit GT-R 2008-2018
Compatible with Factory Fuel Rails and FPR
Powder Coated Billet Aluminum Bracket
OEM Grade Electrical Connectors and Fuel Lines

  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Installation Difficulty:
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